ChefDK 2.6.2 Released

Ohai Chefs!

We're happy to announce the release of ChefDK 2.6.2, updating bundled software and fixing security issues. Read on for the full release notes!

ChefDK 2.6.2 Release Notes

Chef 13.12.3

ChefDK now ships with Chef 13.12.3. See <> for more information on what's new.

Security Updates


Ruby has been updated to 2.4.4 to resolve CVE-2018-16396 and CVE-2018-16395.

Smaller package size

ChefDK RPM and Debian packages are now compressed. Additionally many gems were updated to remove extraneous files that do not need to be included. The download size of packages has decreased accordingly (all measurements in megabytes):

  • .deb: 108 -> 84 (22%)

  • .rpm: 112 -> 86 (24%)

Updated Tooling

Kitchen DigitalOcean

The Kitchen DigitalOcean driver now supports FreeBSD 10.4 and 11.2 in Kitchen configs.

Kitchen EC2

Kitchen EC2 has been updated to better support Windows systems. The auto-generated security group will now include support for RDP and the log directory will alway be created.

Kitchen Google

Kitchen Google now includes support for adding labels to instances with a new labels config that accepts labels as a hash.

Knife Windows

Knife Windows has improved Windows detection support to identify Windows 2012r2, 2016, and 10. Additionally when bootstrapping nodes, there is now support for using the client.d directories.

Please see the CHANGELOG for the complete list of changes.

Get the Build

As always, you can download binaries directly from or by using the mixlib-install :

$ mixlib-install download chef-dk -v 2.6.2

Alternatively, you can install Chef DK using one of the following command options:

# In Shell
$ curl | sudo bash -s -- -P chef-dk -v 2.6.2

# In Windows Powershell
. { iwr -useb } | iex; install -project chef-dk -version 2.6.2