ChefDK to Chef Workstation -- GitLab CI/CD and Docker

Back in December 2020, there was an email about ChefDK being slated as EOL.

“It's time for what is more than likely the last release of ChefDK to ship. This last release includes updated tools as well as an OpenSSL security update. ChefDK will be entering end-of-life product Phase on Dec 31st 2020. The 4.13 release of ChefDK is the last planned release and all users should upgrade to Chef Workstation, which offers significant improvements to all included tools.”

We currently use GitLab for CI/CD needs with Docker:

image: "${CI_REGISTRY}/cloud/docker/chefdk:latest"

We saw that Chef Workstation is supposed to be the replacement. Anyone know how to configure this for Docker on Ubuntu platform?

-- Michael

We're in a bit of a similar situation as well, using the ChefDK docker image in a lot of builds to process cookbooks and perform other tasks. However I did see that ChefWorkstation is available as a docker image now, so that could be the easy solution to the EOL issue with ChefDK.

The official Chef Workstation docker image is your path forward. It contains everything that was in the existing ChefDK image but has much newer versions of all the tools.