ChefDK verses Chef Workstation

Is there a video or something that explains the differences between the two?

What is the latest version for ChefDK and Chef Workstation?

Is one replacing the other?

Can someone provide detailed instructions for how to install and configure both ChefDK and Chef Workstations?

I don't think we've got a video anywhere, but Chef Workstation is replacing ChefDK. You can install Workstation by following the directions for your Operating System:

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Benny is correct, Chef Workstation is replacing ChefDK. Right now it has every feature of ChefDK, as well as some additional features (a tray app that notifies on available updates, some additions to the chef command).

The idea is that any customer could migrate safely from ChefDK to Chef Workstation with no problems. It will use feature flags to handle adding experimental features and making breaking changes, which we hope encourages customers to always stay on the latest version and opt into changes as they are ready.

To configure Chef Workstation, you should create the following two configuration files:

Our plan is to merge those configurations in the future, but for now we have two that we maintain. You do not need any content in those files, and Chef Workstation should function without them. But that is where any configuration changes you make will go.

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@bennyvasquez @Tyler_Ball after installation of the latest chef workstation i am still having issues while trying to bootstrap. So this transition has been problematic.

Have you filed or is there an existing issue covering your topic? I know of some existing issues with knife bootstrap that are going to be fixed in the next Workstation release we do tomorrow. You could test this by installing Chef Workstation from the current channel and seeing if that resolves your bootstrap issue.

You can do this by running curl | sudo bash -s -- -c current -P chef-workstation or downloading from the Current Release downloads page (

If this doesn't solve your issue let me know!