ChefDK updating to newer Ruby?

Hello all,

I was wondering if there are plans on upgrading the Ruby version that ships with ChefDK in the near future? Ruby 2.3 recently shipped and has a lot of really nice features. Some of my favourite are the new indentable HEREDOC via <<~, the dig method on Hash and Array, and of course the new safe navigation operator &..

When writing custom resources I’d love to use these new features. We also all use ChefDK as our default Ruby, so for non-Chef projects would be nice to have a newer Ruby as well.

Thanks in advance!
Arthur Maltson

Traditionally we’ve only changed the Ruby version at Chef major versions due to the risk of breaking changes. That said, 2.x -> 2.3 should be a lot safer, but I suspect we’ll stick to the usual plan as Chef 13 will be ( ::jazzhands:: ) soon enough.

I’m happy to wait for Chef 13, really was just trying to figure out if there’s some roadmap to going to Ruby 2.3. Very exciting :slightly_smiling: