Chefignore doesn't seem to want to ignore a file


Hi, all

I’m trying out test-kitchen, and having a small problem. I’d prefer to
not include the minitests on production machines, but I can’t quite get
my chefignore right to keep them from being uploaded to the server.
Here’s what I have in chefignore:

#Ignore tests

And after uploading my cookbook, here’s what I get from knife cookbook show <cookbook> <version> files:

checksum: def9b47dd5753bcfd53fc92b7f000b1f
name: tests/minitest/default_test.rb
path: files/default/tests/minitest/default_test.rb
specificity: default

As you can see, the tests are still getting uploaded to the server. Does
anybody see some boneheaded mistake here?

Greg Symons