Knife isn't uploading an exe file into a cookbook

I am trying to build a simple cookbook to deploy a small management agent to our (Windows) servers. It does not have an MSI installer, it’s just a drop’n’run file.

In my cookbook I have the files it needs:


And in my default.rb I have

remote_directory 'C:\MyProg' do
  source 'myprog'
  action :create

All the files get deployed as expected, apart from the executable file.

I am using the Chef Manager interface too, and I can see in there that the exe has not been uploaded to the cookbook. Is there some limitation on what can be put in there? The file is about 10Mb in size if that matters.

I could put the folder on the network somewhere, but I don’t seem to be able to recursively get an entire directory from a UNC, and I would rather not get a whole bunch of individual files one by one.


Check your chefignore file. I think most generators exclude .exe via chefignore by default.

Ha! I had no idea there was such a thing. Thank you! I thought I was going crazy.