Chefserver hostname is not working

I did configure chef server along with chef manage in an Ubuntu machine and here is my hostname When i try to access chef manage gui from browser i get This site can't be reached


but its accessible with ip.


Please help me to resolve the issue.


Can you try an nslookup on the chef server name, if it does not respond you will need to request a DNS entry be added by your IT Team

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Thanks for the suggestion jasonf, i got the following response for nslookup.


Your servers's hostname is not in any DNS setup that your client host can see. Either configure it in your local DNS, which may take cooperation with whoever owns the domain, or put the entry in /etc/hosts on all these machines.

I published some time back a useful cookbook for just such setups, at . It has good rules about if, and when, to set the hostname for "" or fot the hosts local IP address. And it works well from "chef-zeo", if you want to avoid having to actually set up a server and just use git ocnfigurations.