ChefSpec 3 - Beta 2!


I’ve just released the second beta of ChefSpec 3 - chef-spec-3.0.0.beta.2. There are three critical updates in this beta:

Fixes an issue where it was impossible to override automatic attributes (@tmatilai).
Provide compatability with both Berkshelf 2 and 3 (@tmatilai).
Use RSpec before(:suite) and after(:suite) hooks to only install Berkshelf dependencies once, drastically reducing test time on large dependency sets.
Additionally, I’ve added two new predicate matchers at_compile_time and at_converge_time. You can now assert that a resource was executed in a particular phase! For example:

expect(chef_run).to install_chef_gem(‘my_thing’).at_compile_time
The default behavior (for Chef and ChefSpec) is converge time, so the following predicate matcher exists, but may be redundant in some situations:

expect(chef_run).to_not install_chef_gem(‘my_thing’).at_converge_time
Please help test this latest beta’s awesomesauce and report any issues or concerns to me ASAP. If all goes well, I plan to release ChefSpec 3.0 on Friday, October 18th :).

Seth Vargo
Solutions Engineer, Opscode