ChefSpec hangs intermittently

Hi Folks,

My team is very new to ChefSpec, and we’ve made some great unit tests for our most used cookbook; however, we’ve been experiencing an issue during the execution of the unit tests where the process just hangs. I have to break out of the process to regain control. This happens on both Windows 10 with Chefdk 1.03, Windows 2012 r2 with Chefdk 1.03, it was also happening on both platform with previous versions of Chefdk installed. On my build server, the 20120 R2 system, I’ve noticed that there’s a ruby process running 50% CPU while the test is hung. This hang also happens at different times in the test run, meaning it is not hanging on the same test or resource each time. Through process of elimination, I’ve removed each single test, and the process still hangs at different times,

I have no idea how to troubleshoot this further. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!