Cisco IOS support



is Cisco IOS supported by inspec? I don't see it listed under resources.
I would like to run a show running-configuration and check value specific config lines.

This example is from Chef Automate:

verify the contents of the running configuration

describe cisco_ios_running_config do
it { should have_line 'no ip http server' }



Exactly what I am wondering about. I am currently evaluating InSpec among other tools and Cisco IOS support is relevant to us. Unfortunately, I could only find the same code snippet you posted. No idea how to make it work.
So I do not have an answer for you but am too interested in this matter.


Hi folks. The support for Cisco IOS devices is only within Chef Automate as a proprietary feature. Hope that helps.


Although I am sad to hear that, thanks for clarifying!
A suggestion: make it public somewhere on your official pages, I spent quite some time on digging for any information as clear as your statement :smile:
Any plans for this feature to implement it in inspec itself in the future?