Configure Chef Server to send Server Object data fails on loading file chef-server.rb


I have done a brand new installation of chef server, chef automate and chef node

I am trying to follow the step “Configure Chef Server to send Server Object data” in, which fails with the following error :

  • directory[/etc/opscode/logrotate.d] action create (up to date)

Recipe Compile Error in /var/opt/opscode/local-mode-cache/cookbooks/private-chef/recipes/default.rb


Error loading file: /etc/opscode/chef-server.rb:6:in from_file': undefined method[]=’ for nil:NilClass

Cookbook Trace:

/var/opt/opscode/local-mode-cache/cookbooks/private-chef/libraries/private_chef.rb:116:in `rescue in from_file'
/var/opt/opscode/local-mode-cache/cookbooks/private-chef/libraries/private_chef.rb:113:in `from_file'
/var/opt/opscode/local-mode-cache/cookbooks/private-chef/recipes/config.rb:87:in `from_file'
/var/opt/opscode/local-mode-cache/cookbooks/private-chef/recipes/default.rb:38:in `from_file'

I have done this configuration on chef node, and that setup is successful and send data to chef automate.
However, it fails on chef-server.

Contents of /etc/opscode/chef-server.rb :
server_name = '
nginx[‘url’] = "https://#{server_name}"
nginx[‘server_name’] = server_name
nginx[‘ssl_certificate’] = "/var/opt/opscode/nginx/ca/#{server_name}.crt"
nginx[‘ssl_certificate_key’] = "/var/opt/opscode/nginx/ca/#{server_name}.key"
data_collector[‘root_url’] = 'https://<DNS_name_of_chef_automate_server>/data-collector/v0/'
data_collector[‘token’] = ‘<default_token>’

I checked logs on chef server, and the ones updated are :
2016-10-04 05:28:28 =ERROR REPORT====
{<<"method=GET; path=/organizations/automate/groups/pushy_job_readers; status=404; ">>,“Not Found”}

Please suggest

Hello! Can you please confirm which version of Chef Server you are running?

The data_collector integration with Chef Server became available in version 12.8 and later. The error you provided leads me to believe that you may be running a version earlier than 12.8.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Yes I am using 12.7.0-1
Could this be the reason why I get “waiting for a worker” in the very first stage of the pipeline (verify) inspite of having valid build nodes ?

Keep getting this error in push jobs logs on chef server :

2016-10-04 07:18:27.895 [error] <0.289.0>@pushy_messaging:is_signature_valid:221 Validation failed sig provided vOl6AXJdVhRSAwsq0leEmRFmPDavXoOHlB/E/xgjRTc= expected kESKB+pDsLJH4M4qaoNNYhJMmXO44Tlwt0Rlfh03r/I=
2016-10-04 07:18:27.895 [error] <0.289.0>@pushy_node_state:process_and_dispatch_message:361 Bad signature in message: header=Version:2.0;SigningMethod:hmac_sha256;Signature:kESKB+pDsLJH4M4qaoNNYhJMmXO44Tlwt0Rlfh03r/I=, body={“node”:“buildserver1”,“client”:"

Please can you let me know the impact of using a chef server lesser than 12.8 for using delivery.



Any possible causes of the above error? Any more info that I can provide to help debug this issue?

Appreciate your help on this