Cookbook Error MetaData

Greetings Professionals,

I have downloaded a cookbook Symantec from ChefSupermarket and i was trying to upload it to my chef automate server but it shows an error below

ERROR: Chef::Exceptions::MetadataNotValid: Cookbook loaded at path(s) [/opt/chef-ws/cookbooks/symantec] has invalid metadata: The `name’ attribute is required in cookbook metadata…

I am trying to configure this but unable to figure out where the problem precise …this is only for test case can any one help me how to fix this as we need to deploy this agent into our servers…!


I would generate another cookbook using the ChefDK and copy over the required data into the metadata file from the symantec cookbook (making sure any depends etc are in there) and then copy this back over the symantec cookbook file.

This should get the format correct while keeping most of the required data in there. Worth a shot anyway…