Chefdk Latest stable .ds_store issue

Hello All I have downloaded and installed chefdk v.2.0.28. I am on a mac.
When running this command:
sudo chef-client -z -l debug -o recipe[test-org::default]
I receive the following error:
DEBUG: Chef::Exceptions::AttributeNotFound: could not find filename for attribute .DS_Store in cookbook test-org
The .DS_store files are required on mac for metadata is this a bug? why is it not ignoring the metadata in my folders? If anyone has experienced this problem and has a fix let me know.
Thank you very much!

This is a known bug in Chef, we’re working on getting a fix out as soon as possible. You can delete and reupload your cookbook using a chefignore file to prevent that file from getting uploaded but it doesn’t help with local operations.

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Ok Thank you @coderanger that reply was very quick haha. So from now on I am going to just be doing my development on linux anyhow.