Cookbook Releases 5/3/2013


Ohai Chefs,

Here’s another few cookbook releases for you this week.

If you’re looking for examples of cookbook testing, peek at maven or runit, they’re pretty comprehensive.

maven v0.16.0:


  • [COOK-1874]: refactor maven default recipe to use version attributes


  • [COOK-2770]: maven cookbook broken for maven3 now that maven 3.0.5
    has been released

runit v1.1.4:


  • [COOK-2549]: cannot enable_service (lwrp) on Gentoo
  • [COOK-2567]: Runit doesn’t start at boot in Gentoo
  • [COOK-2629]: runit tests have ruby 1.9 method chaning syntax
  • [COOK-2867]: On debian, runit recipe will follow symlinks from
    /etc/init.d, overwrite /usr/bin/sv

ssh_known_hosts v1.0.0:

This is a major release because it requires a server that supports the
partial search feature.

  • Opscode Hosted Chef
  • Opscode Private Chef
  • Open Source Chef 11


  • [COOK-830]: uses an inordinate amount of RAM when running exception

Joshua Timberman | Opscode, Inc.
Twitter/GitHub: jtimberman