Cookbook Releases 4/29/2013 - post ChefConf edition!

Ohai Chefs!

We have a few cookbook releases for you today. As Test Kitchen 1.0 release gets closer, we’re updating existing support, or adding it to our own cookbooks.

activemq v1.1.0:

  • [COOK-2816] - update version to 5.8.0
  • [COOK-2817] - resolve foodcritic warning

build-essential v1.4.0:

This version splits up the default recipe into recipes included based
on the node’s platform_family.

  • [COOK-2505] - backport omnibus builder improvements

git v2.5.0:

  • Relax runit version constraint (now depend on 1.0+).

java v1.10.2:

  • [COOK-2415] - Fixed deprecation warnings in ark provider and openjdk
    recipe by using Chef::Mixin::ShellOut instead of Chef::ShellOut

sudo v2.1.0:

  • [COOK-2388] - Chef::ShellOut is deprecated, please use
  • [COOK-2427] - unable to install users cookbook in chef 11
  • [COOK-2814] - Incorrect syntax in README example

users v1.5.0:

  • [COOK-2427] - Mistakenly released instead of sudo :-).

windows v1.8.10:

Previously v1.8.8 was released w/ this, but a regression was

  • [COOK-2729] - helper should use URI rather than regex and bare string

wix v1.1.0:

  • [COOK-2762] - WiX download URL returns a 404