Cookbook Releases 5/9


In the COOK code review meetings this week, we focused on reviewing “major+” priority tickets, and reprioritizing tickets that were “unknown.” We’re still narrowing down what constitutes a “major” issue, but if you’re creating a new ticket, generally speaking:

  1. We consider bugs that prevent Chef from running are major (critical if they’re in a “supported” platform).
  2. New features and simple improvements are “minor” (or “trivial”).

We have a number of refactoring “task” tickets open with sub tasks. Those are the current COOK development focus as far as what Opscode is working on directly. That is in addition to review/merge/release efforts.

And with that out of the way, we have two cookbook releases to announce today, erlang and nginx, changelogs below.

erlang v1.3.0:

This cookbook now has support for Test Kitchen 1.0 (alpha). See in the git repo.


  • [COOK-2595]: erlang cookbook now incorrectly depends on apt <= 1.7.0
  • [COOK-2894]: erlang::esl uses nil attribute


  • [COOK-2509]: Add support for installing Erlang/OTP from Erlang
    Solutions’ repositories

nginx v1.6.0:

The changelog goes from 1.4.0 -> 1.6.0. What happened to 1.5.0?
Simply, I misread when updating the changelog and had already tagged
(and pushed the tag) before I realized it :-).


  • [COOK-2409]: update nginx::source recipe for new runit_service
  • [COOK-2877]: update nginx cookbook test-kitchen support to 1.0 (alpha)


  • [COOK-1976]: nginx source should be able to configure binary path
  • [COOK-2622]: nginx: add upstart support
  • [COOK-2725]: add “configtest” subcommand in initscript


  • [COOK-2398]: nginx_site definition cannot be used to manage the default site
  • [COOK-2493]: Resources in nginx::source recipe always use 1.2.6
    version, even overriding version attribute
  • [COOK-2531]: Remove usage of non-existant attribute "description"
    for apt_repository
  • [COOK-2665]: nginx::source install with custom sbin_path breaks ohai data