Cookbook Releases 2/25


Ohai Chefs,

We have several more Opscode cookbook releases for you today. Most of these are bugs or minor feature additions. Of note, the ark cookbook’s LWRP now works in Chef 11. The git repository is also set up with new “Test Kitchen 1.0 alpha” support. We’re also making good progress on improvements for the runit cookbook, and will soon have a new release with COOK-2353 resolved.

In case you’re not aware or have forgotten, these “release notes” are directly from the in the individual cookbooks.

apache2 v1.6.0:

  • [COOK-2372] - apache2 mpm_worker: add ServerLimit attribute (default
    to 16)

ark 0.1.0:

  • [COOK-2335] - ark resource broken on Chef 11

couchdb v2.2.0:

  • [COOK-1905] - It should be possible to customize the local.ini file
    in couchdb cookbook

dynect v1.0.2:

  • [COOK-2381] - dynect: /etc/hosts entry does not get updated on
    Amazon Linux due to regex mismatch

erlang v1.2.0:

  • [COOK-2287] - Add support for installing Erlang from source

java v1.9.6:

  • [COOK-2412] - add support for Oracle Linux

lvm v0.8.6:

  • [COOK-2348] - lvm logical_volume doesn’t work with mount_point
    parameter as String

maven v0.15.0:

  • [COOK-1336] - Make Transitive Flag Configurable

nginx v1.4.0:

  • [COOK-2183] - Install nginx package from nginxyum repo
  • [COOK-2311] - headers-more should be updated to the latest version
  • [COOK-2455] - Support sendfile option (nginx.conf)

passenger_apache2 v2.0.0:

  • [COOK-2115] - Improve passenger_apache2 cookbook source
  • [COOK-2128] - Allow apache passenger to be installed via packages
  • [COOK-2203] - Remove :source key from module_path
  • [COOK-2379] - passenger_apache2 should install passenger 3.0.19
  • [COOK-2380] - pasenger_apache2 should use platform_family for
    additional platform support

runit v1.0.6:

  • [COOK-2404] - allow sending sigquit
  • [COOK-2431] - gentoo - it should create the runit-start template
    before calling it

ssh_known_hosts v0.7.4:

  • [COOK-2440] - ssh_known_hosts fails to use data bag entries, doesn’t
    grab items

trac v0.2.2:

  • [COOK-2239] - Modify ‘default’ recipe and trac.conf.erb template to
    use apache collaborated directories

unicorn v1.2.2:

  • [COOK-2442] - Template uses an ActiveSupport method