Cookbook Releases, Nagios 4.0 edition


While the upstream Nagios project isn’t 4.0 yet, the Opscode cookbook is. Special thanks go to Tim Smith for his work in refactoring this cookbook. He made it a lot more flexible, and checks are primarily driven through data bags, rather than hardcoding preconceived notions into the default configuration.

Thanks go to Ben Hartshorne, Josh Behrends, Scott Lampert, and John Dewey as well for improvements to this cookbook.

Releases over the past week or so:

chef-client v2.2.0:

  • [COOK-2317] - Provide the ability to add disabled ohai plugins in a
    managed chef config
  • [COOK-2255] - Chef-Client Cookbook init.d script under ubuntu

nagios v4.0.0:

This is a major release that refactors a significant amount of the
service configuration to use data bags rather than hardcoding specific
checks in the templates. The README describes how to create services
via data bags.

The main incompatibility and breaking change is that the default
services that are monitored by Nagios is reduced to only the
"check-nagios" service. This means that existing installations will
need to start converting checks over to the new data bag entries.

  • [COOK-1553] - Nagios: check_nagios command does not work if Nagios
    is installed from source
  • [COOK-1554] - Nagios: The nagios server should be added to all
    relevant host groups
  • [COOK-1746] - nagios should provide more flexibility for server
  • [COOK-2006] - Extract default checks out of nagios
  • [COOK-2129] - If a host is in the _default environment it should go
    into the _default hostgroup
  • [COOK-2130] - Chef needs to use the correct nagios plugin path on
    64bit CentOS systems
  • [COOK-2131] - gd development packages are not necessary for NRPE
    installs from source
  • [COOK-2132] - Update NRPE installs to 2.14 from 2.13
  • [COOK-2134] - Handle nagios-nrpe-server and nrpe names for NRPE in
    the init scripts and cookbook
  • [COOK-2135] - Use with-nagios-user and group options source NRPE
  • [COOK-2136] - Nagios will not pass config check when multiple
    machines in different domains have the same hostname
  • [COOK-2150] - hostgroups data bag search doesn’t respect the
    multi_environment_monitoring attribute
  • [COOK-2186] - add service escalation to nagios
  • [COOK-2188] - A notification interval of zero is valid but
    prohibited by the cookbook
  • [COOK-2200] - Templates and Services from data bags don’t specify
    intervals in the same way as the rest of the cookbook
  • [COOK-2216] - Nagios cookbook readme needs improvement
  • [COOK-2240] - Nagios server setup needs to gracefully fail when
    users data bag is not present
  • [COOK-2241] - Stylesheets fail to load on a fresh Nagios install
  • [COOK-2242] - Remove unused checks in the NRPE config file
  • [COOK-2245] - nagios::server writes openid apache configs before
    including apache2::mod_auth_openid
  • [COOK-2246] - Most of the commands in the Nagios cookbook don’t work
  • [COOK-2247] - nagios::client_source sets pkgs to a string, then
    tries to pkgs.each do {|pkg| package pkg }
  • [COOK-2257] - Nagios incorrectly tries to use cloud IPs due to a
    OHAI bug
  • [COOK-2275] - The Nagios3 download URL attribute is unused
  • [COOK-2285] - Refactor data bag searches into library
  • [COOK-2294] - Add cas authentication to nagios cookbook
  • [COOK-2295] - nagios: chef tries to start nagios-nrpe-server on
    every run
  • [COOK-2300] - You should be able to define a nagios_service into the
    "all" host group
  • [COOK-2341] - URL changed
  • [COOK-2350] - Nagios server fails to start when installed via source
    on Ubuntu/Debian
  • [COOK-2369] - Add LDAP support in the nagios cookbook.
  • [COOK-2374] - Setting an unmanaged host to a string returns ‘no
    method error’
  • [COOK-2375] - Allows adding a service that utilizes a pre-existing
  • [COOK-2433] - Nagios: ldap authentication needs to handle anonymous
    binding ldap servers

ohai v1.1.8:

  • [COOK-1918] - Ohai cookbook to distribute plugins fails on windows
  • [COOK-2096] - Ohai cookbook sets unix-only default path attribute

unicorn v1.2.0:

  • [COOK-2229] - Allow specification of unicorn command line in config file
  • [COOK-2349] - Add option to include cow and GC stats
  • [COOK-2354] - if no listen options are provided for a port, a
    trailing comma is left which causes unicorn to crash

Joshua Timberman
Technical Community Manager, Opscode, Inc
IRC, Skype, Twitter, Github: jtimberman