Nagios cookbook 5.0 release

In keeping up with the blazing fast pace that Seth is setting for cookbook releases, a new release of the Nagios cookbook version 5.0 is out. The major change in this version is support for installing the Icinga fork of Nagios that required changing just about every other line of the cookbook. The cookbook now also includes limited tests for the client recipe, and support for chef-dolo in the client recipe.

The version has been bumped to 5.0 due to changes in the key layout for Pagerduty integration, and due to the switch from openldap to htauth for the default web authentication (COOK-3730).

If you run on a RHEL family system you'll definitely want to upgrade to this new version as a change to the download URL for the nagios plugins tar ball broke source installs in the 4.2.0 release.

COOK-3778 - Fix missing customization points for Icinga
COOK-3731 - Remove range searches in Nagios cookbook that break chef-zero
COOK-3729 - Update Nagios Plugin download URL
COOK-3579 - Stop shipping icons files that arent used
COOK-3332 - Fix nagios::client failures on Chef Solo

COOK-3730 - Change the default authentication method
COOK-3696 - Sort hostgroups so they don't get updated on each run
COOK-3670 - Add Travis support
COOK-3583 - Update Nagios source to 3.5.1
COOK-3577 - Cleanup code style
COOK-3287 - Provide more customization points to make it possible to use Icinga
COOK-1725 - Add configurable notification options for nagios::pagerduty
New Feature

COOK-3723 - Support regexp_matching in Nagios
COOK-3695 - Add more tunables for default host template

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