Cookstyle 6.16 Released!

Hey folks,

Cookstyle 6.16 is out with many behind the scenes changes to make Cookstyle faster and more reliable. Check it out now on Rubygems or wait for this new version in the next Workstation release

RuboCop 0.90.0

RuboCop has been updated to 0.90.0, which includes a large number of improvements to the built-in RuboCop cops that Cookstyle uses.

Autocorrection Performance Improvements

All Cookstyle Cops have been refactored to use a more performant plugin format added in a recent release of RuboCop. With this change many cops no longer have to detect issues twice in order to autocorrect, which allows for faster autocorrection with less memory usage.

CookbooksDependsOnSelf is now a ChefDeprecations Cop

The ChefCorrectness/CookbooksDependsOnSelf cop has been moved to ChefDeprecations/CookbooksDependsOnSelf as a cookbook that depends on itself will fail with Chef Infra Client 13 or later.