Cookstyle 6.5 released with 2 new Chef cops!

Hey folks,

We have a great little new release of Cookstyle out with 2 new cops and some expanded autocorrection in a previous cop:

2 New Cops


The ChefModernize/ShellOutHelper cop detects cookbooks that use'foo').run_command instead of the shell_out('foo') helper included in Chef Infra Client 12.11 and later.

Enabled by default: True

Autocorrects: Yes


The ChefDeprecations/Ruby27KeywordArgumentWarnings cop detects cookbooks that use the shell_out helper with shellout options within hash braces. Using braces in this helper will result in Ruby 2.7 deprecation warnings when running on Chef Infra Client 16 and later.

With braces:

shell_out!('hostnamectl status', { returns: [0, 1] })

Without braces:

shell_out!('hostnamectl status', returns: [0, 1])

Enabled by default: True

Autocorrects: Yes

Other Improvements

  • The ChefDeprecations/DeprecatedChefSpecPlatform cop has been updated to detect and correct additional legacy platform releases in ChefSpecs.