Meeting notes for May 21st, 2020

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


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  • Your final chances to get in on the ChefConf Online live recording sessions! Next week is Integrations, DevOps, and Cool Sh1t week, featuring HashiCorp, Carfax, ShuttleOps, and TapHere!. Sign up at!
  • And if you haven’t signed up for ChefConf itself yet, what are you waiting for omgwtfbbq! It’s free, and you’ll have access to all the sessions, the keynotes, and the other amazing events that are planned!
  • Lots of folks are looking for work right now, so if you happen to be in one of the super unique spots that are hiring, make sure you’re posting in #career_opportunities . And if you’re a person looking for work, make sure to join there to keep an eye out for new stuff.
  • In preparation for our WomXn in Technology Panel: Success in the Face of Adversity panel (at #chefconf on June 3rd at 2pm Pacific), and in an effort to make a space for discussions around diversity and inclusion in tech, we’ve also created the #women-and-nb-in-tech room. It’s open to everyone, but is intended to primarily be a space for womxn and non-binary community members to connect with each other.

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

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Last, but not least the Automate team shipped 20200513205422 last week. This release makes the UI responsive so it'll still display nicely on your tiny monitors or mobile devices. We also improved time zone displays and items in the top nav for users without privs. If you have auto updates installed then you already have this release:

Chef Infra Client

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Last Friday we shipped Chef Infra Client 16.1. This included a new (disabled by default) selinux plugin in Ohai, InSpec 4.18.114 and new Debian 10 aarch64 packages. It also resolved a regression in launchd and fixed up some more Ruby 2.7 deprecation warnings:

Sous Chefs

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This weeks Releases

  • file system 2.0.1
  • mysql 8.7.1
  • grafana 8.7.1

We have a bunch more releases waiting in the wings as we've had another awesome cookstyle release.

Xorima shared

#actionshub have released updates to add problem matchers to the following actions (These show the errors and warning in the files changed):

Other releases

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This morning we shipped knife-google 4.2.13 and knife-cloud 3.0.3. Both of these combined resolved several errors using knife-google to bootstrap systems in GCE

On Tuesday Cookstyle 6.5 shipped with 2 new cops and updates to the cop that cleans up deprecated ChefSpec platforms:

Over the weekend our new Visual Studio Code Chef plugin shipped. This included a few new autocomplete snippets as well as improvements to the descriptions in the existing snippets. If you have this extension installed then it's up to date already. If you don't you should go grab it. It makes Chef Infra development a lot easier


Chef Automate

Alex Pop shared

  • Lots of backend and UI changes merged for some some cool functionality that will be demoed at ChefConf
  • Got a few data feed bug fixes based in.
  • Released changes to the existing compliance profiles.
  • Made a change to lock scrolling on the Chef Client runs page when the page is loading.
  • Large compliance reports should be history now after all the changes merged across inspec, audit cookbook and automate backend.
  • Fixed a Compliance stats bug when zero nodes matched the introduced filters.
  • Made improvements to documentation and release notes.
  • Switched Automate to use InSpec 4.18.114 to benefit from the latest stable version.

Chef Habitat

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Greetings from the Habitat team! This week:

  • Research spike into improving service updates
  • Research and design on notifications for Builder
  • Introducing graph research spike back into Builders Jobsrv

Chef Infra Client

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  • Lamont has spent a TON of time digging into some severe performance regressions in Rubygems impacting any user of Ruby 2.7. Every rails user owes him some beers after this one:
  • 2 important bootstrapping fixes we merged and once we get that rubygems fix we'll ship those
  • We're working with some of our services teams to get those teams contributing resources to the client. You'll see some conversations happening in the various open issues we have for new resources:
  • We're looking at adding macOS and Windows kitchen testing to all chef/chef PRs by using Azure Devops Pipelines

We pushed up new Rubydistros containers. They're now available in Ruby 2.6 and 2.7 flavors using tags and we have Windows containers as well:

Those are rolling out to increase our test coverage on Windows using Ruby 2.7

Chef Inspec

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Hello everyone! This is your first update from Nick, the newest member of the InSpec team!

This week in InSpec we kept ourselves secure by updating four dependencies to InSpec-Train which we will get to enjoy in the next release of InSpec next week. We also improved our workflows for aggressively pursuing well-tested dependency updates.

We released the latest version of our documentation live to the website - which this time also includes some first-time InSpec contributors!

We have some in-flight work that we are very excited about including soon:

  • Waiver expirations accepting specific Time as well as Date
  • Comprehensive new documentation and testing in support of only_if statements
  • @cwolfe’s reporters-as-plugins, which we have manually tested with a pdf reporter!
  • --silence-deprecations flag which will allow silencing of warn or fail_control deprecations
  • Improvements in support for InSpec 3 for legacy folks who have not migrated yet

Chef Workstation

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No new updates here - the Workstation team has been getting ready for ChefConf. I did the recording of our product announcement last week and we're working on polishing the product as much as we can over the next two weeks. This includes preparing the Chef Workstation 2020 release and all the announcement channels.

We have also been troubleshooting an issue with our automated Homebrew and Chocolatey publishing pipelines. I meant to manually promote 0.18 to Chocolatey but it got lost in the shuffle - I'll look to do that today.

Sous Chefs

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Sous-Chefs Board Voting
Submit your name to the Sous Chef board voting list if you’re interested in being more involved over the next year with the Sous Chef community! Board voting will take place around Chef Conf time

We're Streaming

We've been streaming cookbook fixes and releases over at

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Greeting from the Cinc Project!

jgitlin shared

I have been working on the cinc-server build process in between projects for my work, but do not have any milestones yet. Have also been doing things unrelated to CINC (Like adding features to sous-chef's iptables cookbook that I've been meaning to ask @Xorima about, and removing warnings from artifactory-client which @tduffield kindly approved)

See you next week!

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