Cookstyle 6.8 released with Chef Infra Client 16.2+ fixes

Hey everyone,

We have a small Cookstyle release that includes important fixes for the upcoming Chef Infra Client 16.2 release.

Improvements for Chef Infra Client 16.2

Chef Infra Client 16.2 contains additional changes to how resource names are specified in order to avoid edge cases in resource naming. When setting the name of a custom resource provides should now be used instead of resource_name. If writing cookbooks that support Chef Infra Client < 16 you'll want to use both provides and resource_name to support all releases.

To support these changes we've made several updates to existing cops. The ChefDeprecations/ResourceUsesOnlyResourceName cop has been updated to add provides in addition to resoure_name instead of replacing resource_name with provides. This change ensures cookbooks continue to function on Chef Infra Client less than 16. The ChefDeprecations/ResourceWithoutNameOrProvides cop has also been renamed to ChefDeprecations/HWRPWithoutProvides and improves detection of resources without provides. Both cops now better validate the contents of existing provides calls.

RuboCop 0.85.1

RuboCop has been updated to 0.85.1, which includes several bug fixes to prevent false positives and improve autocorrection.