Core Maintainers


Habitat is an open-source project, built and maintained by a community of
dedicated humans, listed below.

This file lists how the Habitat project is maintained and the humans and
companies who make up “The Habitat Maintainers.”

When making changes to the system, this file tells you who needs to review your
patch - you need approval of at least one maintainer for the relevant subsystems
to provide a :+1 on your pull request. Additionally, you need to not
receive a veto from a Lieutenant or the Project Lead.

Check out the Contribution Policy for details on the process, how to become a maintainer, lieutenant, or the project lead.

The Habitat Maintainers

These are the humans who maintain Habitat. These people have permission to
merge code changes to the various components and other rights and
responsibilities as detailed in the Maintenance Policy.

Project Lead


The various components that make up Habitat. Each component must have one
Lieutenant and may have many maintainers.

Core Habitat


Habitat Build Service


Habitat Build System




Project Maintainers