Onboarding checklist

Welcome to the Habitat team!


  • Get an invite from a team member to join the habitat-core-maintainers team in the Habitat Github org
  • Update MAINTAINERS.md for habitat, builder and core-plans repos



  • Create account on Habitat Community Slack: http://slack.habitat.sh/
  • Get invite from a team member to join any necessary private channels
  • Join #general #notifications
  • Add yourself to @habitat-team group in chefio Slack (in ⋮ menu in upper-right corner, select “User Groups”)


  • Get added to habitat@chef.io mailing list (all email to humans@habitat.sh goes here as well)

Calendar Events

Once you’ve been added to habitat@chef.io, you should be invited to the following recurring events:

  • Habitat Standup (Daily)
  • Habitat Retro (Fortnightly)

Also, add the Habitat Team Internal, Habitat Team PTO and Travel, and Habitat Community Events calendars. They contain the weekly triage meeting as well as other non-invite-based meetings of interest. You’ll need someone on the Habitat team to add you to the Habitat Team PTO and Travel calendar.

Shared Secrets

Habitat uses 1password for shared secrets management.

  • Have a team member invite you to 1password.
  • Setup 1password.

Project Tracking and Issue Tracking

The Habitat team performs all their development in the open to help promote and encourage a thriving and health community. The JIRA project for habitat is no longer active and should not be used.

Making Releases

General Duties

On Call

  • Read On Call Engineering Duties, Incidents and Troubleshooting Builder Services
  • Get set up with access to production services
  • Open a helpdesk ticket requesting a PUBLIC ssh-key be added to your active directory account for access to the chef jump host. You will need to generate this key and provide it as part of your ticket.
  • Set up PagerDuty account (request here), including notifications and calendars

Books & Documentation

Required Reading


Rust Resources