Couldnot able to check the node converge status after updating Opwsork chefautomate server

Greetings Pro's

i have updated my AWS opswork-chef automate server recently and there is a new tab compliance was added to the Newer version . i could able to perform jobs normally upload cookbook bootstrap node etc and the chef-run was successful i could able to see the chef-run converge status on my workstation but could not able to see it on Chef-automate UI i tried all possible commands chef-server-ctl -reconfigure / restart nginx / checked the data collector token but every thing seems to be fine, but i don't know why my chefautomate is not show the nodes nor the converge status .. and also i have added many new nodes to server after updating but it still shows 19 and all are in missing column

below is the screenshot of auotmate server newer version

Please help