Crypto error while starting supervisor

I’m on Ubuntu, while running hab sup run, I get the following output.
Not sure what the issue might be from the error.

Any help appreciated.

Output & Error;

-> % hab sup run
∵ Missing package for core/hab-sup/0.74.0
» Installing core/hab-sup/0.74.0
:cloud: Determining latest version of core/hab-sup/0.74.0 in the ‘stable’ channel
☛ Verifying core/hab-sup/0.74.0/20190204225911
☛ Verifying core/busybox-static/1.29.2/20190115014552
☛ Verifying core/bzip2/1.0.6/20190115011950
☛ Verifying core/cacerts/2018.12.05/20190115014206
☛ Verifying core/gcc-libs/8.2.0/20190115011926
☛ Verifying core/glibc/2.27/20190115002733
☛ Verifying core/libarchive/3.3.2/20190116022211
☛ Verifying core/libsodium/1.0.16/20190116014025
☛ Verifying core/linux-headers/4.17.12/20190115002705
☛ Verifying core/openssl-fips/2.0.16/20190115014207
☛ Verifying core/openssl/1.0.2q/20190115014220
✗✗✗ Crypto error: Can’t read format version

Rolling hab back to 0.73.0 from 0.74.0 fixed this

Well that’s not good. I’m not sure of any changes to the crypo system in this release, let’s see what the team says when theyre online this morning.

That appears to be from here. Given that it's failing to read the first line, I'd wager that the file ended up empty on disk. That error could definitely be improved by a more instructive message as well as including the specific file name.

To get around this, I'd try checking for the existence of any zero-size artifacts:

find /hab/cache/artifacts/ -size 0

and deleting them of force re-download.

I filed an issue

Thanks for the quick response!
Deleting the zero size artifacts got rid of the: Crypto error: Can’t read format version in build output too.