Customize Error pages with Apache cookbook

Hello !

I am new to CHEF and I am using Apache cookbook. I am trying to change the URL page for an error 404.

Cookbooks : Apache and AEM (I have got the dispatcher too).

1/ I have looked how to do these configurations without CHEF : only AEM and Apache factors.

  • Change the dispatcher config with : DispatcherPassError 1
    To allow Apache to deal with the error redirection.

  • Change the Apache config with :
    <LocationMatch .html$>
    ErrorDocument 404 /404.html

2/ With this I conclude I need to do modifications in my aem cookbook and my apache cookbook.

  • Dispatcher :
    I have got an attribut in aem/attributs/default : default[:aem][:dispatcher][:pass_error] = '1’
    It looks like the right one. Do I have to do something else ?
    Because when I am looking at my conf file with a test running, I don’t see any change. And I am not sure about the configuration file.

  • Apache :
    I haven’t found attributs allowing to change ErrorDocument. I have got a template file : apache2.conf.erb where there are a bit of comments about Errors but I am getting lost.
    I have tried to directly change my template file but I understand that it is not possible as it is generated by CHEF.
    So, I have looked at providers or recipes interacting with this template file to found how to deal it.

As you can see, here I am lost and my recently learning on CHEF is not helping.
If you have any idea or just explanation on this topic please, I would be very grateful.

Thanks :-),