Cookbook upload failing with 404

Hi, i try to upload a cookbook to our chef server, but with no success.
I've installed the chef server, reconfigured it, created the organization and user. As next I installed chefdk on my workstation and created a cookbook. I created the knife.rb, downloaded the pem files, but while upload of cookbooks I get following message:

ERROR: The object you are looking for could not be found
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          <h1>404 - Not Found</h1>
          <p>Sorry, I can't find what you are looking for.</p>
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chef-server-ctl responses with: - - [06/Sep/2018:17:12:03 +0200] "GET 
/cookbooks?num_versions=all HTTP/1.1" 404 "0.001" 558 "-" "Chef 
Knife/14.2.0 (ruby-2.5.1-p57; ohai-14.2.0; x86_64-linux; 
+" "-" "-" "-" "14.2.0" "algorithm=sha1;version=1.1;" 
"some_user" "2018-09-06T15:12:03Z" "some_string" 1033

We are running our Chef Server on Ubuntu 16.04. My Chef-workstation is running on Ubuntu 18.04

Anyone idea what is going wrong?

Can you post what command you are actually running to attempt an upload?

The command I am running is:
knife upload cookbook test-cookbook.

But few second ago just solved the problem. My problem was my knife.rb in ~/.chef and not specified config file.
I had to add organisation in the url like https://chef-server/organisation/my-org and call the knife command mit "-c /path/to/config".

Thanks for quick reply anyway. Can you tell me, where can I store informations about knife, like default knife.rb?

I actually use the config.rb to store my configurations, since it is a replacement for knife.rb and all the settings in knife.rb work the same.

If you are using the default ~/.chef location it should automatically find it since knife runs through several default paths.
pulled from ""
The config.rb file is loaded every time the knife command is invoked using the following load order:

  • From a specified location given the --config flag
  • From a config.rb file within a .chef directory in the current working directory ex: ./.chef/config.rb
  • From a config.rb file within a .chef directory located one directory above the current working directory: ex: ../.chef/config.rb
  • From ~/.chef/config.rb (macOS and Linux platforms) or c:\Users\<username>\.chef (Microsoft Windows platform)