CYGWIN creating problem in runing windows command from perl file?

Actually i am using a perl file to run and do some task it contain
$command = “SET $some >aa.txt”;
here set is not working but env is working can any one suggest how to resolve this problem

Is there anyone who can help?

Is there any way to turn cygwin disable for my perl scripts to run in windows environment???

This isn’t really chef related problem. You should ask this on cygwin forums

But the libraries are installed with only… And located in embedded bin and perl of chef

If you are in perl and trying to set a environment variable then there is a global hash for that %Env

Good luck!

Can you explain me more with exactly what should i do?


I made a test folder and in that folder I made a perl script that tries to call an executable in a bin folder that I also made.

So, in ./bin we see a script called “action”:
$cat bin/action
echo “RUNNING $1”

My script tries to call action and fails, then I add “./bin” to PATH and it finds it:

use Env qw(@PATH);
exec(“action ONE”);
push @PATH, “./bin”;
exec(“action TWO”);


That is one way to programmatically modify PATH

Its not helping me… Cant i remove cygwin compltely or turn cygwin env to windows env only

Oh, I see.

Well, at this point, sending you to a site that explains using perl on windows would be the best help I can give you:

I am currently working in bash and macosx shells…