data_bag_key not created on the target node - (knife solo cook)


How do you guys configure the knife.rb to ensure that the secret key for
the data_bag is created in the ‘/home/user/chef-solo/’ dir??

Below is what i have now and is failing to create the file on the node

*2.1.1@my_jenkins:.chef [master] $ cat knife.rb *
node_path "nodes"
role_path "roles"
environments_path "environments"
data_bag_path “data_bags”

#encrypted_data_bag_secret "/home/chef/keys/my_databag_secret.key"
knife[:secret_file] = “…/…/…/keys/my_databag_secret.key”

The key file is at …/…/…/keys/my_databag_secret.key", but the “knife
solo cook user@node” fails to create one. I have manually create the file.