Data does not consistently populate the Chef (open source) Server web UI

The Chef 12 Server web pages are exhibiting odd behavior, where nodes or other elements are not populating the web UI.

For example, on the Main Page “Nodes” tab, sometimes no nodes are displayed. If I click on the “Search Notes…” button, they will all show up. Then if I select a node, the “Run List” section for that node will show the “hour glass” for a long period and then show “! Server Error”, “Something went wrong. Please try again later.”

However, if I click on the “Edit” for the “Run List”, it will pull up the “Edit Node Run List” dialog. The “Current Run List” populates immediately, however sometimes, the “Available Roles” and “Available Recipes” show “hour glass” for a time and then show unpopulated. Other times, both those sections will populate immediately.

I can select the Policy tab and all the Cookbooks will show up. Click on Roles and all the Roles show up.

Also, using the “knife client list” command from the workstation lists all the nodes.

Just for giggles, I set the values in /etc/opscode/chef-server.rb, and reconfigured the server, but it made no difference.

opscode_erchef['db_pool_size'] = 30
postgresql['max_connections'] = 40

I upgraded from 11 to 12 a while back, and most recently to a newer version of 12. No errors were reported during the upgrade. I saved the console output. Are there any tests or database integrity tests that could be run to ensure everything is configured correctly? Why might the web UI be acting inconsistently?