Datadog cookbook release, 2.1.0


Ohai Chefs!

It’s been a few months since we last released a cookbook update, so here’s
the latest and greatest from your friends at Datadog.

Lots of great features in this release. We’ve added a slew of updates, as
well as
plenty of testing around templates being generated correctly.
We dropped testing support for versions of Chef 10.x & Ubuntu 10.04 due to
Of Life timelines for these releases, and focus on Chef 11 & 12.

There is also a minor release of chef-handler-datadog that now allows
installation on versions above 12.x.

Going forward, one main focus for 2.2.0 is support of Windows, along with
ongoing test
coverage improvements, including using a new feature in ChefSpec (hat tip
to Seth Vargo) top speed up our testing of rendered templates to reduce the
dev/test cycle.

Go forth, and monitor!