Delivery init fails with git error

I'm running into error by issuing the
delivery init

Error is the following:

A master branch does not exist locally.
A master branch with commits is needed to create the master pipeline.

If your project already has git history, you should pull it into master locally.
For example, if your remote is named origin, and your git history is in master run:

git pull origin master

However, if this is a brand new project, make an initial commit by running:

git checkout -b master
git commit --allow-empty -m 'Initial commit.'

Once you have commits on the master branch, run `delivery init` again.
Git command failed!

I've checked with git command - master branch is inplace:

> git status
On branch master

> git branch
* master

I've tried to reinit git repo, clone from scratch from github and create completely new repo and always get this error.

Could you advise, please?

My OS is Windows 10, Chef DK version:

> chef --version
Chef Development Kit Version: 3.5.13
chef-client version: 14.7.17
delivery version: master (6862f27aba89109a9630f0b6c6798efec56b4efe)
berks version: 7.0.6
kitchen version: 1.23.2
inspec version: 3.0.52