Deprecating the MongoDB Cookbook - Please use sc-mongodb

The MongoDB Cookbook was first published to the Supermarket in September of 2011 and was last updated in November of 2014. This cookbook is no longer actively maintained.

In December of 2016, the Sous Chefs, a volunteer group of cookbook maintainers, submitted an RFC requesting mongodb cookbook on Supermarket be transferred to Sous Chefs org.

It is not the normal policy of Chef to transfer ownership of a cookbook to anyone else, that is left to the cookbook’s current owner. Today I will be marking the current MongoDB cookbook as deprecated and offer the Sous Chef’s as a recommended alternate.

This action is not something we take lightly nor something we would like to make a common practice. Attempts have been made to contact the original cookbook’s author for over a year-and-a-half. None of these attempts have received a response. Our existing policy for Cookbook Adoption on the Supermarket allows for the community to review and adopt RFCs about cookbook ownership transfer on a case-by-case basis.

Deprecating this cookbook should have no impact on anyone who is currently using the cookbook and should discourage anyone from introducing the cookbook into their own organization.

The following items in the RFC repository have additional information about this process and our reasoning behind it.

Thank you,
Nathen Harvey
VP, Community Development