Diagnosing bldr publishing to docker hub

I’ve set up an org/repo on Docker Hub and configured the Docker Hub integration in bldr. My plan linked and building successfully both on push and when triggered manually.

I’m not seeing any container image getting published to Docker Hub though, where can I look for information that might help be diagnose where the chain is broken?

Figured it out, looks like the whole process should be covered in the tail end of the build job output available on the site

Next issue: after realizing containers could only be pushed for service plans I’m running into the username/password for dockerhub being rejected despite my most vigilant pasting

I’m running into the same problem. I’m following the tutorial steps listed here and even though the build succeeds, I’m seeing nothing show up in the corresponding repo I put in (“fairingrey/sample-node-app”). Nothing in the build log indicated it was being published to Docker Hub, so I’m still in the dark about that. It’s linked here.

AFAICT Builder validates your docker hub credentials on input – trying to put in invalid credentials gives you an error, like it should, but I’m not sure what’s stopping it. Maybe it’s a permissions thing on Docker Hub’s side?

It worked for me spontaneously, and then I couldn't get it working again, so I just export to docker and push manually after I promote each build to stable now :frowning:

Does the Docker Hub integration in bldr.habitat.sh work for anyone? I’m still seeing:

da19408d7afd: Preparing
unauthorized: incorrect username or password
✗✗✗ Docker image push failed with exit code: exit code: 1

Even with a fresh updating of the username/password in origin settings that passes validation