Does a compatibility matrix of client/server exists?

After this question on SO I tried to answer my best I wonder if a compatibility matrix exist between the server and client versions ?

What I know for sure:

  • you get a 500 error trying to run a chef client 12.0.? against an open source chef-server 11.0.8 but I didn’t try much.
  • chef-client 11.16.4 works against a chef-server 12.0.4.

But that’s all I’m sure. If someone has a more extensive test matrix it may be useful to include it doc maybe ?

Each product is supposed to work with +/- 1 major version of the other. Two caveats:

  • there will be bugs, so if there’s a bug in 11.0.8 and it’s not fixed until 11.1.x, you would need to upgrade
  • When new functionality is added that requires both client and server to function, we don’t make any commitments about backporting. For example, the new policyfile features aren’t going to be backported to Chef Server 11.

Thanks for the clarification.