Does mysql_database_user LWRP's action of database cookbook take a collection?

I used the below to create a mysql db user with grant privileges.

mysql_database_user node['wordpress']['db']['user'] do
  connection mysql_connection_info
  database_name node['wordpress']['db']['database']
  privileges [:all]
  password node['wordpress']['db']['password']
  action [:create, :grant]

But it created only the user but the privileges are all set to No (N).

| localhost      | wp_tov    |

*E7A226A4CA4516577207538E5693FD8E2D29818D | N | N | N

I even tried with separate LWRP for each :create and :grant action.
The result is same in both ways.

Am I doing something wrong?

~Sachin Sagar Rai
Ruby on Rails Developer