Error in bootstraping node in chef

I am trying to bootstrap a node (Windows server 2012) using my workstation .

bootstrap error1

Please assist me in resolving this error

There isn’t enough information to know what is going wrong.

For some reason, the chef-client command is not recognized.

What is the bootstrap command you are running?

Here is the bootstrap command I commonly use on windows 2012 R2

knife bootstrap windows winrm -N webserver-foo -x foo -P xxxxxx -r "role[foobar]" -E dev -V

If you have problems with winrm, sometimes this can help

knife bootstrap windows winrm ADDRESS --winrm-user USER --winrm-password 'PASSWORD' --node-name node1 --run-list 'recipe[foobar],role[foobar]' --winrm-transport ssl --winrm-ssl-verify-mode verify_none -E dev

Hi Spuder,

I have used the below command
knife bootstrap windows winrm ADDRESS --winrm-user USER --winrm-password ‘PASSWORD’ --node-name node1-windows --run-list ‘recipe[learn_chef_iis]’

Hey Phani923,

This is expected some times in windows as the chef-client is not installed properly…Your bootstrap was successful dont worry about it…Just login to that node and go to program file click on chef-client software and repair it. After this please reboot ur system…Then try again running the bootstrap command.

HI Sunil,

After following your method, the error 'chef-client is not an internal or ..... " has disappeared but the second part of the error still exists


Spuder- your comments are welcome

Thanks a lot

Better dont use recipe along with the bootstrap command…Login to particular node and run chef-client -o cookbookname

This will give you better idea and logs where is the error.

Hi All,

My issue is resolved now.

It is was due to my clock (NTP) had to be adjusted.

Thank you,