Chef unable to bootstrap windows node

I’m unable to properly bootstrap my windows node. I have the correct config settings and tested the bootstrapping on a linux node with no issues. I’m wondering what could possibly be stopping this bootstrap from being successful. I just keep getting a Net::SSH::ConnectionTimeout: Error message.

Unless you have SSH installed on you Windows machines, you will need to leverage the knife bootstrap windows winrm command instead of just your normal bootstrap. This will leverage Windows Remote Management services to bootstrap your node.

im not sure but try this that might be helpful…try to give a proper Fqdn to your windows node , even i had this problem one of my linux it got registered and windows dosen’t , i was using 2012 R2 when i changed my hostname it got registered …


Make sure you are leveraging knife bootstrap windows winrm when
bootstrapping windows nodes, unless you actually have an SSH server running
on you windows server.