Error when trying to install chef-server on my Centos 7 m/c


im trying to install chef-server on my centos 7 m/c through wget command : I get this error message :wget: unable to resolve host address ‘

Can anyone help me on this.. ?


Check if you have internet connection and the dns server names ips are correctly configured on the host


jagdish : everything is configured correctly in ifcfg-enp0s3 file , but still it didn't work..


the internet connection and conf in hosts file looks fine


If you are on RHEL or CentOS and installing an RPM, why not use "yum install" or "rpm install"? the "wget" or curl commands can get.... weird, about HTML redirect or obsolete SSL keys. I'd check with a tool like "lynx" or "lftp" what they saw about the website that hosts the RPM.


Are your nodes in AWS? Could be your dhcp options are incorrect on your VPC and in turn your cloud-init is messing with your DNS1/DNS2 settings in your ifconfig. And that in turn is changing resolv.conf

A place to start is make sure your /etc/resolv.conf is pointing to your Dns servers. Then log into the node and use dig. To verify it’s working.


"my configs look fine" doesn't tell us that anything is actually working. There are many, many ways your network configuration could be broken. Can you "ping"? Can you do "yum list" to see the upstream yum servers for your Linux box? Can you doublecheck that your "wget" command is grabbing the right filename?

You'll need to publish details to get helpful advice.