Unable to "knife ssl check" to my chef server

I have two centos 7.2’s VM’s running under virtual box. Both VM’s can ping/ssh/rsync/scp to each other w/o issues. I have the NIC’s configured as promiscuous.

  1. I can’t connect to the chef server via web browser using port 80 or 443, however, I have verified nginx is running on those ports. I can load the chef console using localhost from the chef server itself, which is how I generated my client VM’s knife.rb and user.pem files.

  2. knife “ssl check” fails with the following:
    $ knife ssl check
    Connecting to host canthus:443
    ERROR: Errno::EHOSTUNREACH: No route to host - connect(2) for “canthus” port 443

I can ping canthus using both hostname and ip address. I can ssh/rsync as well.

Anyone have any ideas?

Nevermind, found my issue. Firewalld was running. First I thought it was a firewall issue but checked for iptables not firewalld. (been in solaris land for several years so not current on latest major red hat releases)