ERROR: You authenticated successfully to... but you are not authorized for this action

I am new to Chef and so fumbling through this.

I am trying to setup a workstation on the server and getting this error:

ERROR: You authenticated successfully to as but you are not authorized for this action

Response: missing read permission

The command “knife client list” is executed as root on the
workstation. The workstation is registered with Chef. We don’t use any
specific user to connect to Chef other than sersolit which is in the admin group. We may have a few
others but at this time we want the node name to be the user name.

Here’s the workstation knife.rb:

current_dir = File.dirname(FILE)

log_level :info

log_location STDOUT

node_name “”

client_key “#{current_dir}/”

#client_key “#{current_dir}/root.pem”

validation_client_name “sersolit”

validation_key “#{current_dir}/sersolit.pem”

chef_server_url “

syntax_check_cache_path “#{ENV[‘HOME’]}/chef/syntaxcache”

cookbook_path ["#{current_dir}/…/cookbooks"]

Chef Version: Chef 12.x

Platform Version: CentOS 6

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