Error when creating a user using knife from workstation "missing create permission"

I am trying to create users from my workstation with a user who is an administrator for the organization and I am getting the following error

ERROR: You authenticated successfully to https://blah as admin but you are not authorized for this action
Response: missing create permission

Is it not possible to do this? Any help is appreciated

What specific command are you running?

knife user create blahblah “blah blah” first last password


You’ll have to use chef-server-ctl locally on the server machine. Even admins don’t have permissions to create users, only a special super-admin key does and that is never intended to leave the server machine. You can technically make it work but there are a lot of security risks to consider.

Thanks again, thats what I figured. I found the account you are mentioning and a white paper on how to do it but I think I’ll just do what you mentioned.

Can you please post up the white paper info etc? I am having a few issues with LDAP enabled related to the create permission.