Filing bugs for the Chef Management Console

Hello Everyone,

We at Chef want to let you know about a new repository we’ve setup,
chef-manage-issues[1]. The purpose of this repository is to be a place
to file bugs against Chef Management Console (Chef Manage, or just
Manage, for short). While Chef Management Console is a proprietary
feature and the code is not open source, we recognize that since we
offer it free for use up to 25 nodes that many of you will be using it.
This repository gives you a place to report bugs and interact with the
Chef Visual Interaction team, the team that is responsible for the care
and feeding of the Chef Management Console.

If you have support[1] from Chef and/or a license that allows you to use
Chef Management Console beyond 25 nodes that includes support, you can
still use this repository to report bugs, however if you need a response
that meets an agreed upon SLA you should go through support.

We hope having the chef-manage-issues repository makes it easy for
everyone to track the state of bugs in the Chef Management Console and
makes the project as a whole less opaque. We’ve also added a section on
our docs site that lists where to file bugs for each of the Chef
projects[3]. That way when this email is long gone from your inbox you
can still find this information.


Mark Mzyk
Chef Software Engineer

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