Foodcritic 12.2 released!

Hey everyone,

It’s been two weeks since our last Foodcritic release so it’s clearly time for some new rules. Foodcritic 12.2 is up on Rubygems and will be bundled into our next release of ChefDK. Here’s what’s new:

  • Added Chef 13.6 resource metadata
  • Added FC103: Deprecated :uninstall action in chocolatey_package used
  • Added FC104: Use the :run action in ruby_block instead of :create
  • Added FC105: Deprecated erl_call resource used
  • Added FC106: Use the plist_hash property in launchd instead of hash
  • Added FC107: Resource uses epic_fail instead of ignore_failure
  • Added FC108: Resource should not define a property named ‘name’
  • Added FC109: Use platform-specific package resources instead of provider property
  • Updated FC085 to also alert on @new_resource.updated_by_last_action
  • Refactored multiple rules to simplify which files they trigger on
  • Updated FC086 to only alert if someone is using DataBagItem/EncryptedDataBagItem to load a data bag