Foodcritic 12.3.0 released

Hey everyone,

Another Chef testing tool is out the door today. Foodcritic 12.3.0 has been pushed to Rubygems and will be bundled up into the next release of ChefDK. This release includes the removal of legacy use_inline_resources rules and the inclusion of several new rules to help you migrate to the latest Chef releases.

  • Removed FC017, FC057, and FC059 as use_inline_resources is the default in Chef 13 and no longer required
  • Added FC110: Script resources should use ‘code’ property not ‘command’ property
  • Added FC111: search using deprecated sort flag
  • Added FC112 Resource using deprecated dsl_name method
  • Added FC113 Resource declares deprecated use_inline_resources
  • Added FC114 Cookbook uses legacy Ohai config syntax
  • Extended the find_resources method to allow accepting an array of resource names not just a single resource name


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