Future of Chefdoc.info



To those who don't know about it: There is a Chef Cookbook documentation site that I am maintaining available at https://chefdoc.info/, sources at https://github.com/chefdoc/.

Lately, this hasn't gotten much love from my side due to other projects and there also seems to be little interest from the community. However, this is still producing costs and some maintenance work on my side and I've been wondering how many people are actually actively using it or if its actually worth to continue this project of mine.
So this is a shout-out to all the cookbook devs out there: Do you think this project should continue? Do you want to run it on your own infrastructure? Or should I ditch this all together?

Looking forward to your thoughts on this... Regards,


Please continue!



What kind of infrastructure is needed to support the site?



Currently the site runs on a Docker hoster in Germany. It's only a single Docker container with a few GB RAM (currently 2GB) and some GB storage (currently on 4 GB are used). Everything is created in a way that it can easily be run on premise with your own Cookbook storage (Artifactory, Chef Server, Supermarket etc.) as a backend. The only thing required is a reverse proxy, ideally with SSL support.