Getting configuration from chef server


I have a configuration on my server that is described in a cookbook and i want to get that from the server.
What are the commands on both client and server sides?


I mean i want to run a cookbook from the client side without using knife to bootstrap from the server. How can i do that?

Several different options:

  • If you don’t want to use a server at all, you can use chef zero. In that case, the client basically acts as a server; you just have to provide all the required cookbooks on the client.
  • If you do want to use a server, but don’t want to use the bootstrap process, you can install the chef client using omnitruck (or set up the chef repository). Copy the validation pem file to /etc/chef and create a basic client.rb file. The client will automatically register with the server the first time you run it. It will run with an empty runlist; to specify a run list, add either the -r or -o parameters.

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Okay thanks a lot for your answer! that really helps : can i use the same user and the same key to create other chef-clients ?