Github integration of chef delivery not successful

Hi All,

have done a brand new installation of chef server, chef automate and chef node

However, I am unable to select Github in project configuration even after configuring the Oauth tokens on both delivery and Github side. I have authorised delivery successfully, still I can see the "Save and Close" button is greyed out and SCM Setup under Admin also is not activated and still says "It is not yet possible to set up the link to GitHub from within Delivery's web interface. For details on how to configure Delivery to work with GitHub, please visit our product documentation."

I did the following steps to debug

  1. Delete one more time configured github application.
  2. Configure it.
  3. run a delivery-ctl-tail on the server in another seesion while attempting above to add the github application

I found the following log snippet :

Please advice!


Sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with the feature Nidhi. The SCM Setup from the UI is currently not supportedwhich is why it is not activated. Having said that, in order to be able to help you resolve the error, we would need some more information about where exactly in the reconfigure process you it.

It might be helpful to schedule a call with support so they can work with you towards finding where the exact cause of pain is.

We would also like you to know that we have redesigned the GitHub integration for ease of use and this feature will be available to use in the very near future. We would recommend using the new feature as your starting point to GitHub integration.

Thank You!

Hi Prajakta,

Thank you for the reply.
I have completed all the steps of reconfigure process on

The logs attached above seem to contain the reason why the setup didn’t happen properly I guess.

Could you please let me know what else you need, and if we can have a call to quickly resolve this?


Hi Prajakta,

Any update on the issue above?
Do you need anything from me?